the best ways on how to growing lavender indoors
the best ways on how to growing lavender indoors

The Best Ways on Growing Lavender Indoors

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Growing lavender indoors can be someone’s best hobby to be done at home. When others prefer having outdoor hobby, this can be a good idea of the indoor hobby. Growing lavender can be the way to decorate and beautify your indoor area.

However due to lack of knowledge or wrong perception, people would think that growing plants indoor would be useless because the plants will die eventually. It is because the plants don’t get enough sunlight. In fact, when you choose lavender the ending of the story turns out in a different way.
growing lavender indoors

How to Grow Lavender Indoor?

Mostly types of lavender shrubs are the best grown outdoor. Yet for some cases such as the cold or winter season, putting the lavender indoor can give you both aesthetic and functional look at home.

You can put some vases with lavender on the living room’s table, bedside table, or other spots where you think it fits to be completed with lavender. Now, move to the topic on how to grow the lavender indoor?

Find a place near the bright window

growing lavender inside
Lavender is totally adaptable to heat rather than the cold. During the winter season, everything will be covered with snow. It is quite hard to get enough sunlight too. When you want to grow the lavender indoor, it would be nicer for them to place the pots near the bright window.

In brief, the lavender should have obtained enough sunlight to grow and to bloom its beautiful flowers. If it is still not enough to seek sunlight, you can change your light bulbs to be the fluorescent light which emits the sunlight the twice amount of the traditional light.

Choose the right container as the pot

how to start growing lavender indoors
After figuring out the place to obtain sunlight, it is also essential to choose the right container. You should measure the pot to place the plants. It should be measured two inches larger and wider than the root ball of the plants.

When you pick the largest pot to wish the lavender grow and last forever, there would be a risk of the plant to diet. It happens because the soil which doesn’t stick to the root will be too wet and it makes the roots die. When the roots die then all parts of the plants would die as well.

Fill the right amount of soil

indoor lavender plant
What is the essence of having the right container and the place to put the container in order to seek the sunlight when you don’t know the right amount of the soil? Then that would be useless, though. The bottom part of the pot should have been filled with two inches of the limestone gravel with the soilless mix. Unless you know the right amount of soil, planting it indoor will just go to waste.

These ways can help you build your ideal hobby at home. While others might do the growing lavender outside with the burning heat, you can just do it indoor for your personal beautifier too. Thus, it isn’t bad at all to have the idea of growing lavender indoors.