Dark Horse Weigela is one of the loveliest shrubs that can beautify your garden. With the right care and trim, this type of weigela can give a dramatic look in a landscape. Normal Weigela is a native to Japan, Korea, and Northern China with its typical rounded perennial shrub that can grow […]

French lavender is one of flowering plant species which is best known for its fragrance. Lavender is varied in species. There are several numbers of lavender species in the world, from Spanish lavender or lavandula stoechas, English lavender or lavandula angustifola, lavandin, lavandula dentata or provence or French lavender, lavandula latifolia, lavandulap […]

When does lavender bloom? Lavender is a perennial plant which is mostly available in the outdoor area. This purple plant can apparently be cut to be made into a pretty hand bouquet or head crown. As this plant is very beautiful, more and more people don’t mind growing it inside their home. […]

Spanish lavender might be misinterpreted with the common English lavender. Well, this isn’t wrong as people might hardly remember the wide varieties of lavender. To put it simply, English lavender is the most common version and the most old-fashioned version of lavender you might ever see. Lavender will always be that purple […]

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