spanish lavender
spanish lavender

Varieties of the Spanish Lavender – Lavandula Stoechas

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Spanish lavender might be misinterpreted with the common English lavender. Well, this isn’t wrong as people might hardly remember the wide varieties of lavender. To put it simply, English lavender is the most common version and the most old-fashioned version of lavender you might ever see. Lavender will always be that purple flowers plant.

However, the one that differentiates between English lavender and also Spanish lavender (Lavandula Stoechas) is the tolerance of the hot climates possessed by the Spanish lavender. It can stand being in the hot climates rather than the freezing climates. There are still a lot that you need to know about this lavender. As a suggestion, you need to keep on reading to thank me later.
spanish lavender

How to grow lavender indoors

Discussing about Spanish lavender plant, there is a wide range of options that you need to know about. From the appearances, lavandula stoechas can resemble other types of plant. It will grow in some small shrubs and it can be a good option for the bed borders. Here are some different lavender’s types based on the cultivar.

Ann’s Purple

This type of lavender has larger body compared to others. It is able to grow around 30 inches all around. It can be used as the beauty filter for your outdoor. However, it is quite strange to grow this Ann’s purple indoor because it is very tall and large.

Winter Bees

spanish lavender tree
You might wonder whether there is the availability of the types of lavender that will start blooming before other lavenders bloom. Yes, it is called the Winter Bees. It will bloom in late winter or else in those warm climates. Trust me, this Winter Bees would be totally beautiful. That is why you should plant this indoor space so that these plants can grow comfortably.

Kew Red

spanish lavender plant
When you are too bored to find out the purple flowers all the time, this Kew Red is another cultivar which is able to produce these flowers in pink. However this pink color isn’t that pastel pink or soft pink but it is in the shade of dark raspberry.

Purple Ribbon

lavender spanish
Purple ribbon is another type of Spanish lavender. This type of lavender produces its flowers in the color of the dark purple. Thus when you notice the lavender with dark color of the flowers, it means that the one you encounter is the purple ribbon.

Lutsko’s Dwarf

lavandula stoechas spanish lavender
The other Spanish “lavandula stoechas” lavender to notice is the Lutsko’s Dwarf. It looks short because it is only 30 cm. This will suit into your small container perfectly. People can consider it as the mini version of the lavender which is placed in a container or a small pot. It can be used as the decorative pot with flowers too.

In taking care of this kind of lavender, there aren’t any differences with those common varieties of lavender. Spanish lavender tolerates more heat rather than cold. When you live in a country whose climates are hot and also dry, I highly recommend you would better growing this evergreen shrub.