spilled wine weigela
spilled wine weigela

Add a Colorful Spilled Wine Weigela to Complete Your Garden Stunning Look

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Spilled wine weigela is a kind of dwarf spreading flowering tree. It’s crowned by hot pink magenta flowers grown on wavy dark burgundy leaves, which is from the name of this small tree, it can be concluded that it has a dark hot purple color just like wine.

This shrub is forever purple that it won’t fade or change to green like other type of flowering tree. It is fabulously colorful when it blooms.
spilled wine weigela


Spilled wine weigela is not a tall sort of tree. Rather than tall, it is a wide flowering tree since it has a spreading habit instead of growing upward. The height of this weigela reaches 24 to 36 inch (61-91cm) and spread at the same size in measurement.

This purple plant needs lots amount of sun to grow well and it blooms perfectly in early summer. The leaves are quite dense and the color is intense all season long. With its striking contrast from wavy burgundy purple foliage and magenta pink flowers, this awesome shrub is adored by butterflies and hummingbirds.
wigela spilled wine

Maintaining the Weigela

The maintenance of this spilled wine is not difficult or tricky at all. In the opposite, it’s quite easy in the maintenance. Although it had better planted in well-drained soils, it is a kind of small tree which is very adaptable to any type of soil conditions, from clay to sand. It loves sun but light shade is also tolerable.

This type of weigela doesn’t actually require frequent pruning but pruning helps retain the health and beauty of this colorful flowering small tree. However, you need to note that this burgundy plant needs to be trimmed at once the flowers bloom in order to shape the plant.

In spite of its low maintenance, this sort of weigela grows fast and is resistant to trouble. You can plant this compact small tree in either a container in the fall or place it in the ground in winter. It doesn’t require lots amount of water too as it is extremely tolerable to drought.

You only need to water it regularly after it is planted, but when it is mature enough seldom watering is preferable. You can water this stunning purple plant once in a while. As for fertilizer, unlike any other plants that need to be fertilized regularly, it seems to need a less of that. As long as it get the much amount of sun, it grows very well. It is probably one of the lowest maintenance types of plants you have to grow to create an eye catching look in your garden.
spilled wine weigela shrub

The Best Place to Grow

Weigela spilled wine is the perfect choice to fill in your outdoor landscape. However, you can also grow this small colorful tree in outdoor containers or pots. It perfectly fits to be grown close to the center of the pot. You can put the pot around the smaller types of plants.

If you need to add a stunning color to your garden without having difficult time to treat the finest choice is grow this beautiful flowering shrub.