when does lavender bloom lavender blooming season
when does lavender bloom? lavender blooming season

When does Lavender Bloom? lavender blooming season

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When does lavender bloom? Lavender is a perennial plant which is mostly available in the outdoor area. This purple plant can apparently be cut to be made into a pretty hand bouquet or head crown.

As this plant is very beautiful, more and more people don’t mind growing it inside their home. It is aimed to provide fragrant and pleasant ambiance at home.
when does lavender bloom

Its calm color can make your mood to be on track. You will never turn to be bored all of a sudden and you will enjoy your daily life simply because of the lavender. Do you know exactly the time when the lavender will bloom?

Different Blooming Time of Lavender

lavender blooming season
In predicting the lavender to bloom, we need to know the blooming time to predict. It is because sometimes people have their own curiosity about what the blooming lavender look like and how long it lasts.

The blooming times of lavender are divided into three. They are during the spring, during the spring to summer, and also during the midsummer to the late summer.

For your information, different period will have different plant whose ability to stand during the changing weather based on the season.
when does lavender plant bloom


If you wish to see the blooming lavender during the spring, it is suggested that you should start planting the lavender during the early spring. It takes around 5 to 6 weeks to be able to make the seeds of lavender grow and blooms.

For some cases, the blooming time might be sooner or later that we can’t predict. You just need to know the cycle of the blooming lavender and you will be able to fit yourself in.

Spring to Summer

During this period, some popular English lavender whose names are the Hideote, Royal Purple, and even Munstead would be able to bloom in the late spring.

If you are interested to grow, it would be better to grow in the zones between 5 to 8. They will bloom around 3 to 4 weeks as the climate is rather warm and humid.
lavender bloom time

Midsummer to the Late Summer

During this period, some varieties of hybrid lavender would bloom in a longer duration rather than other kinds of lavender. These varieties of hybrid lavender would be extremelly drier and more tolerant to the extreme heat. During the drought and hot weather, these hybrid lavender would be the persistent plants to bloom much longer than those in similar category.

What can you conclude from this article? It can be concluded that lavender is a kind of plant which takes for about 3 full years to bloom and get its maturity. It is also a type of plant that is able to stand during the heat rather than the freezing cold.

This flowering shrub has different blooming type with, of course, its own kind of flowers. Thus, during some periods you can see some certain types of lavender. What about you? Which season do you like the most to find out about when does lavender plant bloom?