air plant terrarium
air plant terrarium

Air Plant Terrarium: How to Water It

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Air plant terrarium is one of popular displays of air plants for both indoors and outdoors. If you have air plants to be put in your house or garden, you essentially need a place to contain them and make them look more beautiful and decorative.

Air plants are the best choice to fill in a terrarium not only because they are modern and stylish but also easy to care of. For you who don’t know what terrarium is and how to fill it, this article will help you give the information about terrarium and how to fill it with water plants.
air plant terrarium air plant terrarium care

Air Plant Terrarium Care

You probably aware of the confusing and challenging plants are for many of us. However, you can try to plant this air plant terrarium to fill in and decorate your home and garden because it is relatively easy to care for.

Air plant terrarium has been chosen these days as an alternative way to decorate homes and garden. Instead of planting the plants in a pot, which is very typical and mostly looks dull, you can choose terrariums to plant your favorite water plants as they look modern and stylish to use as home decorations or ornaments. Many people prefer to use terrariums to decorate their homes as they come in a great variety of shapes and sizes that have the ability to change the look of your homes.
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Terrariums are made for those people who love planting and decorate homes. It is designed for you to be able to care the plants inside it in an easy way as it is not a merely closed glass to plant, but it can be opened so that you can care the plant inside of it.

Taking care of air plant terrarium is quite easy to do. As a matter of fact, the way you care air plant is somewhat the same with the usual plant you have at home. Planting air plant is a globe will also need water and other form of plant care so that it will grow well or doesn’t wither and die.
air plants terrarium

All you need is a proper technique to water your air plant terrarium as watering an air plant is the most complex thing to do because the amount of the water considerably varies with the space in which it is placed, a terrarium in this case. So you need to be very careful in watering your air plant terrarium.

What happens when the air plant is under-watering? Like any other plants, air plant will turn brown or crusty when it is lack of water. When it is lack of watering, the shape of the leaves of the air plant is susceptible to be more exaggerated.

However, you have to be careful too that you don’t get over watering with your air plant. It ends up rotten when it gets too much water. So just be very careful when it comes to watering air plant terrarium. Be sure you know the perfect amount of water for your air plant terrarium.