carnivorous plant terrarium
carnivorous plant terrarium

Types of Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

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Carnivorous plant terrarium is a fascinating environment to grow a tropical carnivorous plant indoor, which needs high humidity and controlled temperature. But not all of the carnivorous plant, especially those that needs cold air or direct sunlight, can live in a terrarium.
carnivorous plant terrarium

Carnivorous plants that can live inside a terrarium are; Venus Flytraps that do not need high humidity and the size is quiet small so it is perfect to live in a terrarium; Nepenthes and Heliampora that require high humidity maintenance can live in an indoor terrarium, which needs to be larger and has its own ventilation; Cephalotus stays small, can grow under lots of light, and can tolerate varieties of temperature is the perfect specimen for greenhouse terrarium; Tropical Sundews, such as Drosera and Spatula, will be able to live in a terrarium well too.

There are many types of terrarium for carnivorous plants that can be of your choice to plant your exotic plants within. Here are some types of terrarium that you can consider having;

Enclosed terrarium

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Enclosed Terrarium has many elegant models and makes your carnivorous plants look even more striking. The size of this terrarium is also fitting for small places. The set up is easy to follow as well – just fill the bottom of the terrarium with your preferred soil-mix and plant your carnivorous plant directly in it. If you want to put the carnivore on a separate pot, simply put the pot inside the terrarium.

It is easy to maintain the temperature and humidity in this terrarium since most of the enclose terrarium has its own ventilation. Yet, you have to be extra careful not to put too much fiber sphagnum moss or any decoration inside and the direct contact with sunlight since the heat can accumulated inside and kill your carnivorous plants.

Open terrarium

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Open Terrarium has elegance and lovely style. The contemporary art style that this terrarium brings is perfect to showcase the exotic look of your carnivorous plants and expose them to the outside space as well as assisting you in trapping the insects in your house.

If you choose this open terrarium, bear in mind that you need to keep it near sunny window or has enough light to keep the plant happy. The room temperature, where you keep the open-terrarium that has your carnivorous plants in, needs to be controlled and in synch with your carnivorous condition as well.

Fish tank terrarium

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Fish Tank Terrarium is perfect to house for large carnivorous plants, such as Nepenthes, or lots of small sized carnivorous plants. This terrarium is ideal to grow any types of carnivorous plants and their babies; the temperature and humidity control is fairly easy as well.

There is fish-tank glass terrarium that is made of glass which is a good thermal insulator. A glass terrarium keeps the heat inside so you will need to install cooler grow lights and keep it away from direct sunlight. There is also acrylic terrarium that has better light lucidity, lighter weight, and stronger too.

When you are planning to grow these exotic plants indoor, choose your ideal carnivorous plant pitcher / tank / vivarium (terrarium).