korean fir
korean fir

Korean Fir : Characteristic & Growing Tips

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Korean fir or Abies Koreana is a tree plant native to the higher mountains of South Korea. You can also find this one of the most elegant woody plant in Jeju Island. Some of you probably haven’t seen this astoundingly beautiful tree plant.

The size, shape and color are perfect combinations making this plant even more beautiful. Let’s take a good look at the description and characteristic. Can we plant it in our region? We have anything you want to know about this evergreen conifer tree.
korean fir

Description & Characteristic

It is probably your first time to know about Korean fir. You have no idea what the plant looks like and how you can grow it. AbiesKoreana or often called Korean fir is a very compact and dense plant tree. It is very symmetrical, precise and perfectly groomed. It is one of beautiful elegant plant trees you can find in South Korea.

When you see this plant, the most distinguished characteristic of it must be its purple or violet bluish cones. The notable purple bluish cone reaches the length of 2” to 3’ and 1’ in width. It appears as soon as the tree reaches the height at about 3 to 5 feet. The mature size of this fir reaches 20 to 25 feet high and 10 to 15 feet wide.

The growth of this plant tree is relatively slow or moderate. Although it is natively grown in higher mountains, Korean fir tends to be more tolerant with heat than a lot of Fir species. It has a very straight, upright branches and trunk which pokes out strongly. All are precisely the same angle. It is covered by softer, more extensive, fleshier and more sumptuous bright green needles than the sharper ones we use to find in other plants.
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The Growing Tips

Korean fir is best grown in well-drained soil with full sun or part shade. You can get the best result if you add some organic substance in the soil. As it is a conifer type of plant, it doesn’t require much fertilizer to grow well. Soil fertility is not important in growing this kind of fir.

Young fir will be perfect to fill your garden, but unfortunately it is not suitable for mature fir to be planted in gardens. Young fir will finally grow bigger and wider that it will be too big for your garden. Mature Korean fir will also lose their youthful beautiful as they grow bigger and wider.
korean fir tree

You can add other plants to accompany this plant. It is a perfect match with deciduous flowering shrubs which makes a great contrast to their straight upright branches. Various euonymuses are also good match for this Abies koreana as it has good autumn color.

If you want to try plant this Korean fir to fill your garden, be sure you know the size it will eventually reach when it is mature. The notable purple bluish color of the cones combined with its bright green needles will decorate your garden. It’s worth it to add in your garden this Korean fir (the Korean name: gusang namu).