french lavender
french lavender

Provence French Lavender Flowering Shrub

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French lavender is one of flowering plant species which is best known for its fragrance. Lavender is varied in species. There are several numbers of lavender species in the world, from Spanish lavender or lavandula stoechas, English lavender or lavandula angustifola, lavandin, lavandula dentata or provence or French lavender, lavandula latifolia, lavandulap innata, lavandula multifia and lavandula nimmoi.

This flowering plant is not only popular for its fragrance but also its delicate purple color.
french lavender

The Description, Maintenance & Pruning

French lavender (provence lavender) is a dwarf shrub kind of plant with aspiky green angular stem which height reaches about 12-18 inch (3.6 to 5.4 m) with six to ten purple flowers and needle-like evergreen leaves.

This sort of lavender can live and thrive well once it is established even in a hot and dry area with full of sun. It blooms around summer from early June to August when it is very sunny season.

However, it can’t grow in a wet type of soil. This herb is considered as a flowering plant which only needs little maintenance. It grows in any type of well-drained soil but planting it in a loose sandy soil is best recommended.
how to care growing french lavender plant uses maintenance prune

As it is a type of shrub which is drought resistant, this French lavanandula provence grows best and gets the strongest fragrance if the soil is always dry. This flowering plant doesn’t need frequent fertilizing, too. You can add gravel mulch around it to sustaining the soil from holding too much amount of water.

Provence lavender is easily maintained as it doesn’t need lots of pruning like any other kind of flowering plant. You only need to prune this fragrant herb in winter to cut off the damage and trim delicatelyto form the plant but avoid trimming in summer as it the best time of this shrub to grow and thrive.

The Usage

This Mediterranian native herb is an aromatic kind of herb with a lot number of benefits. This purple small flowering plant is loved and best known for its fragrance and essential oil. Its aromatic scent has been used for perfume since ancient times. The fragrance of this plant can lift up the spirits and has relaxing effect only by sniffing it as it alleviates the tired nerves in our body.
provence lavender

French lavender is also can be used as herbal medicine that is useful to chase away some health problems. It is proven to effectively get rid of dizziness and headaches. The dried blossoms of this lavender can also be put into the wardrobe in order to dismiss moth and to scent the clothing. It can even make the bedroom fragrant if it is put in the room.

Besides it is able to scent the room, lavender flowers is well-known for its power to expel mosquitoes and flies if we hang it in our home. The other benefit of this fragrant purple shrub is to be processed as floors sanitizer as it can drive away insects and scent the floor.

Provence france lavender is not only popular but also useful. For those who haven’t believed about it apparently we can get lots of benefits from growing French lavender.